this word press thingy

this word press option is new to me. i never knew it was here. you can go through files and let them inspire you.

i hit the search image button and up popped michelle bachmann in a special photoshopped picture i have saved that i forgot all about.

i meant to try to figure out how to introduce the pants around the knees incident in eagan last week and tried to figure out how to introduce the subject without being crass. i see it really isnt neccessary. crass sometimes is good.

i hear tim pawlentys wife is coming to the rescue after the current version of michelle bachman who is the righty from lakeville lost his potential successor in the parking lot that day of note.

its hard to know how things are going to turn out sometimes and i sure feel sorry for the misunderstanding in the parking lot. every time i hand off paperwork with and the person i am meeting has her pants down around her knees it turns out to to be trouble. the world is such a suspicious place.

i would never have gotten the inspiration to do this had i not pressed the little pencil thing in the corner and pursued the featured image options that led to this glorius offering on the trail.

do happy circumstances play a role in your life?


About tim

i sell stuff, i love my family, art, music, political involvement, intellegent discussion, low stakes card games, guitar jams and a hat that fits just right.
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One Response to this word press thingy

  1. damnimfifty says:

    bet I am just in time for the next post

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